At Nova Graphic, we are not just interested in providing high-quality work; we want to do so in a way that does not strain your budget. As a result of this, we have designed several packages for our services which you can take advantage of to increase value for your investment in design for your business.


We understand that some businesses are young and only starting out, and they should be afforded an equal chance at getting high-quality work just like businesses that have been running profitably for several years. Whether you are one or the other, we will have something specially designed for you.

However, bear in mind that design is not an easy job; our teams devote hours and hours to creating the final product that we present for your approval. More often than not, we usually bring several drafts and refine designs several times before they are approved by the client, and then we can consider our work done.


Until then, however, it’s hours of poring over the material, conducting research, brainstorming, consulting with the client, and drawing, deleting, and re-drawing until we have a design for you. As such, you as our client should be ready to reward that kind of effort, considering it as an investment that will offer huge returns as your business grows.


Our various design packages have been listed below. Once we have agreed on a specific package, we require the client to pay a non-refundable deposit of 50% prior to any work beginning. The remaining 50% falls due upon approval of the final copy by the client. For web design, the fees are not inclusive of fees for registration of domains, hosting and hosting setup. For all jobs, work cannot begin until the required down payment has been made.


Website maintenance:

Where the negotiated contract is inclusive of web maintenance, this shall be billed on a monthly basis, subject to a basal rate of $50 for months where some work needs to be done. The fees will be assessed on an hourly basis, at $50 an hour, or part thereof. For months where no updates are carried out, no fee is charged.


The maintenance fee shall be inclusive of search engine re-submissions as well as other services apart from the original submission, which is included in the contract fees.


  • Simple Website Package: $2,999.99

  • Moderate Website Package: $3,499.99

  • Advanced Website Package: $4,899.99

  • Monthly Maintenance: $50/month

  • Real Estate Virtual Tour: $200

  • Graphic Design: $50 per hour

  • Social Media: $50 per hour

  • Scanning & Digitalizing: 39 cents per copy