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Here's what they wrote on 7/07/2015:

Dan and the team out at Nova Graphic are amazing! 
They have the skills and experience to deliver what we needed sooner than we expected. (It was hard to pick the final proof as I liked them all!) They showed exceptional customer service patiently taking me through the entire process as we developed my digital brand. 
I was very impressed with how much Nova Graphic felt like my own internal marketing team. They worked with me and my staff to create exactly what we all wanted... (even though that changed a few times throughout the process.)
Dan takes a very proactive approach to helping you understand how your marketing piece will affect your business. He takes the time to answer your questions and explain the nuances of marketing that he has learned through his 25+ years of experience. 
I would recommend Nova Graphic to anyone! 
Be sure to get a quote from Dan and his team before going with anyone else!


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Here's what they wrote on 7/02/2015:

What a piece of cake working with Nova!  I highly recommend them - working remotely was not a challenge at all... they helped me and took all the guesswork out of the process by explaining the process to me so I wouldn't be guessing.  I love the work produced and will use Nova for all my graphic design projects in the future.  



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Here's what they wrote on 6/29/2015:

I highly recommend Nova Graphics for any of your Graphic Designs or Imaging services, they are professional, courteous and prompt. They exceeded my expectations. I previously used the services of another company for years, now that I discovered Nova Graphics,

I will only use this company for graphic and imagery  services. thanks Dan! 
Margaret Blanchard, Remax, Realtor/Counselor


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Here's what they wrote on 6/29/2015:

I couldn't have asked for a better experience than the one I had working with Dan and the team at Nova Graphic. They take a consultative approach to marketing and were able to help me develop a range of tools that reflect my brand. Recently the team was

able to help me design and print flyers I needed for an open house. Even though it was last minute, they were happy to help. They

got me the flyers, designed exactly as we had talked about, sooner than expected. 

I appreciate Nova Graphic's customer service, Dan always made sure to answer any questions I had while keeping me updated

every step of the way. 

I would recommend Nova Graphic to anyone looking to start developing the marketing end of their business, as well as those who

are more established and are looking for a reliable and friendly team to make their projects a reality..


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Here's what they wrote on 6/25/2015:

Nova Graphic was amazing in developing our site.  In the past, we've worked with other website developers that would take

months to program our site and cost heaps more. Yet, in the event of needing a new site, we talked to Danny at Nova Graphic who listened to what we needed and expanded upon that. What would have taken our other designer months to do, Nova Graphic completed within a week.  

In the past, we've gone with other developers who were more costly, slow and not as receptive to feedback. So we understand the process and are willing to not post fully developed sites if we disagree with a smudge of the design. We've have a standing online presence since 1998 and believe in the importance of having a custom website instead of a generic template that is bland and

boring.  Nova Graphic will get any company that online presence that highlights their services and products as different and meanwhile.

From concept to execution, Danny was such a pleasant, talented and creative character that he flowed with our ideas as a natural extension of ourselves.  Being that our company specializes in a unique product with a large range of options & technical data, Nova Graphic understood how to best market it and was able to place us ahead in google search results. I was definitely impressed and

was surprised how easy they made the process.  Danny was more patient with me in bringing him the details, but once he had our

data - he churned away and made it something that we were proud of (within a hour or 2).  I think that from the process of working with Danny, I've grown more receptive in accepting that new talent can blow you away.

Thank you Danny. We look forward to developing more business with you.


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Here's what they wrote on 6/10/2015:

It takes an outstanding degree of discipline, technical skill and customer service know-how to cater to busy professionals on a daily basis and this firm accomplishes these tasks seamlessly. Taking customer input, raw images and copy, this team then creates eye pleasing marketing pieces that get help products sold faster.   These feats are accomplished day in and day out and often without a hitch. The team is proactive and innovate, always suggesting new approaches that often pan out. This is a team worth working with.


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